Strawberry Chocolate Cups


The amazing combo of chocolate and strawberries simply never fails, right? Doesn't all goes so well together?

Strawberries are yummy. And chocolate… do I even need to say anything?

Put them together into these Strawberry Chocolate Cups … and… PERFECTION!

A quick dessert that is going to impress your guests and you don't need to be the best chef in the world to make it. Super simple and quick. 


These are the tools you are going to need

Follow the images to see how you have to cut the top and the bottom of each strawberry. The top will be used again to top up your little cups. the bottom it is just to keep them straight.

Now it is time to sculpture your strawberries and take the middle out with this tool.

Time to melt the chocolate with the

coconut oil

Carefully pour the melted chocolate on each strawberry. Now it is that time when you realise that you probably cut to much of the bottom and the chocolate goes through the hole as you can see in one of mine on the photos. 

After just close your little cups and place in the fridge until you serve.

They last very well in the fridge for at least two days.