Buddha Bowls Guide

What is a Buddha Bowl?

Pretty, healthy, and a one-bowl wonder, Buddha bowls are our favourite no-fuss meal. But rather than break the bank on these trendy dishes, learn how to make your own at home! Buddha bowls may have started as a vegan food trend, but don’t limit yourself.

The formula is simple:

- Healthy grains or starch; 

- Protein;

- Raw or cooked vegetables;

 You can prepare the portions ahead of time and even mix and match, making them a great weeknight meal.

¼ Grains or Starch

- Quinoa, Black Quinoa, couscous, bulgur, barley;
- Brown rice, wild rice, black rice;
- Rice noodles;
- Whole wheat pasta or alternative pastas;
- Sweet potatoes, pumpkin, squash.

¼ Protein

- Tofu or tempeh
- Chickpeas, edamame, beans
- Egg
- Lean meat
- Seafood

- Fish

¼ Veggies

- Salad greens and sprouts
- Cucumber, carrot, celery, tomatoes
- Broccoli, cauliflower
- Mushrooms or olives

.... and more Veggies

- Onion, garlic, shallots
- Broccoli, asparagus, corn, bell pepper
- Mushroom


(not too many!)

- Hummus, cashew dip, pesto
- Avocado, guacamole, salsa, cheese
- Greek yogurt 
- Vinaigrette or olive oil
- Soy sauce, peanut sauce, sweet chili sauce
- Fresh herbs, peanuts, sesame seeds

So, now that you have the main guide I will give you some recipe ideas that I have been making. You can always replace anything you don't like very much with something you like or you have in the fridge at the moment.

Buddha bowls are great to use leftovers of anything. I actually normally have one Buddha bowl by the end of the week with the leftovers of the week.

So, do not stress very much with the ingredients, just follow the main guideline and enjoy your bowl.

Option 1


-Crunchy onions

-Sliced Ginger



-Red pepper




-Black Quinoa

-Olive oil


Fry the kale and the red peppers in olive oil

Fry the prawns in garlic, olive oil and glazed soya sauce

One by one fill up your bowl with all the ingredients

Option 2



-Purple cabbage

-Aubergine with cheese


-Red pepper



-Olive oil

-Mozzarella cheese

Cut your vegetables and boil the broccoli 

Slice the aubergine, place in the fry pan for 3/4 minutes and top up with cheese. Let it grill and do the same on the other side.

This way, the aubergines will be very crunchy and delicious.

Two boiled eggs and a drizzle of olive oil on the top. Enjoy your delicious bowl.