150 gr of re-milled semolina

150 gr of white flour

30 ml of Olive Oil

180 ml of hot water

8 gr of instant yeast

pinch of salt


Insert the two flours into a bowl, then the yeast. 

Mix and then add the oil and half of the total amount of water.

Also add the salt

Gradually  add the water

Form a homogeneous dough and divide it in form balls according to the size you want your wraps

Let it rest for half an hour

Roll them into circles and cook in a fry pan slitelly brushed with coconut oil.

Cooking is really quick, just a few minutes on each side

Try to roll them as thin as you can so they will roll better

Always cover the dough with a humid tea towel, otherwise they will get to dry

Fill them up with whatever you would like!

It is a great way to eat the leftovers you have on the fridge

You can freeze them!