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Avocado Chocolate Mousse

Are you a big fan of chocolate mousse? You will love this one and how easy is to make!

The avocado creates such a rich, smooth and creamy taste and texture to the healthy chocolate mousse that is absolutely delicious! Which is perfect for a simple dessert or to use as a base of other creations.

Tis is a  perfect dessert to serve at a dinner party or for any special occasion and can be dressed up wonderfully just using your imagination. Plus, it will be fun to reveal the secret ingredient at the end of the evening. My husband loved and finally asked as always..."What are we eating? Because knowing you this can't just be a normal chocolate mousse!"

To add the recipe is completely refined sugar-free, naturally sweetened and a 100% vegan healthy dessert!


How to make the Vegan Avocado Chocolate Mousse


2 Tbsp of 95% of Cocoa Powder

2 avocados

2 oranges (juice)

Zest of 1 orange

Honey(as you wish)

The vegan chocolate mousse is made with a mixture of ripe avocados, orange juice, raw unsweetened cocoa powder and honey just if you feel like it. That is it! Nothing else! I personally didn't add the honey because my oranges were really sweet but that is up to you.


These ingredients simply need to be added to a food processor and mix till smooth. 

There is no need to use a high speed blender – any will do, due to the soft nature of the ingredients.

Also, if you are not in the mood , just serve like this. No complications and will be a perfectly success .

Which was how I served the first time. 

I will be making some more with adding-ons and I will add here as well.

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