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Baked Sweet Potato with Salad


A healthy yet indulgent fully-loaded sweet potato with a beautiful rainbow salad topped up with crispy onions. Slice your veggies very thin for the salad for a big colorful pile to impresse in taste and looks. This recipe is nutrient-dense, vegetarian, low saturated-fat, with a gluten-free & low-carb. 


I came up with this recipe for a quick lunch alternative and a mix of hot and cold feeling.

The sweet potato is hot coming out from the oven and the salad on the top makes it a perfect combination.

By packing this sweet potato with a rainbow salad, it means that it’s also packed with nutrients.   This sweet potato combines carrots, sweet pepper, cucumber, cabbage and coriander, all topped up with (optional) crispy onions. 

A sprinkle of olive oil and lemon sauce.

Step by Step...

Start by baking the sweet potatoes in the oven. Brush with a tiny bit of coconut oil and bake until they are very, very soft.

IMG_0771 (1).jpg
IMG_0772 (1).jpg

Prepare the salad with whatever you like or have in the fridge.

This time I used  cabbage, carrots, cucumber, red bell pepper and coriander.

Mix all in a bowl and add some sesame seeds.

Squeeze a lemon and a drop of olive oil, salt and pepper to season.

Slice and cut into very little pieces to make it pretty.

We also eat with our eyes! Presentation is really important to yourself or to your guests

IMG_0773 (1).jpg

As soon as the sweet potato is ready, open in half and smash a little bit with the help of a fork. This way, the salad and the olive oil, get into the potato mixing the flavours and the smells.

Don't take to long to add the salad on the top of the sweet potato, so all can e nicely incorporated.

Top up with a good amount of crispy onions for a crunchy feel.

IMG_0775 (1).jpg
IMG_0774 (1).jpg

I hope you enjoy this recipe. is very quick to prepare and a very nutritious lunch full of flavour.

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