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Berry Baskets


Sometimes we just crave something sweet and has to be done. So here is a mixture of healthy and unhealthy at the same time( if I can say that!).  We start with a berries curd without sugar, then we top up with 70% of dark chocolate and some berries of your choice on the top. The biscuit basket unfortunately is a fully sugary one just bought at the grocery shop. Well, we can't be good all the time!! This is a great opportunity to impress guests on a special occasion or just wow the family, this recipe is sure to delight all those that try it!


Step 1

The first thing we need to make is the berries curd. The base is the same for any curd and then we have to add a berry sauce to give the flavour and the colour.

Ingredients for the curd

1 cup of milk

2 egg yolks

1 Tbsp of sugar(Optional)

1 Tbsp of Cornstarch

2 Tbsp of berry sauce

The Method

In a small pan put the milk, the sugar and the cornstarch. In medium heat let it cook until it is thicker, always stirring otherwise will stick on the bottom of the pan. When is tick enough turn the heat off and let it cool for a bit. Time to mix the egg yolks and mix really fast. Go back to the heat for another 2 minutes just to cook the eggs. Mix the berries sauce and let it cool before drop in the biscuit baskets.

Step 2

Melt the chocolate with the coconut oil


The ratio here is 1 cup of chocolate for 2 Tbsp of coconut oil. Once it is cool you can spread over the curd on the biscuit baskets.


Step 3

Place the berries of your choice on the top of the chocolate. If you want them to shine you can either brush with honey or make a gelatine liquid to brush them on the top as well. Or just leave it like that and spread some seeds or drizzle with powder sugar.



You can prepare all the stages and then put altogether just before your guests arrive;

Any berries would work well, just be careful if you are using strawberries as they have more water and if you make the dessert to far ahead they could melt over the biscuit; 

This recipe is just for two baskets, so if you need more just double or triple the ingredients.

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