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This Spicy Roasted Eggplant Hummus can be used as a Dip as well. Is inspired by Indian food – combining roasted eggplant with tomatoes, garlic, onion, and spicy pepper for a flavourful mashed eggplant hummus!Great to use as starter, to place in a platter or as a Dip. This dish is also well known in the Caribbean where they double spice turning into a very lively Dip.

How to choose the eggplant


The main ingredient  is eggplant. So it’s a good idea to choose the best one you can.

This means choosing one that is dark purple, glossy, and firm to the touch. Look for a green stem, which can indicate ripeness (eggplants tend to become bitter as they age, so the fresher, the better).

If you want one with fewer seeds, you may prefer to use multiple smaller eggplants compared to the one extra-large eggplant I use, as I’ve heard that smaller ones can be less bitter and are likely to have fewer seeds. 

Choosing a ‘male’ eggplant also usually means fewer seeds. To check for a male vs. female eggplant, look at the scar at the bottom of the eggplant (if there is one). If it is rounded, then it’s male; if it’s more like a ‘dash’ shape (a bit more elongated), it’s female.



Eggplant or Aubergine

Eggplants, also known as aubergines, belong to the nightshade family of plants and are used in many different dishes around the world.

Although often considered a vegetable, they’re technically a fruit, as they grow from a flowering plant and contain seeds.

There are many varieties that range in size and colour. And while eggplants with a deep purple skin are most common, they can be red, green or even black (Trusted Source).

In addition to bringing a unique texture and mild flavour to recipes, eggplant brings a host of potential health benefits.


The Ingredients

1 Aubergine

cherry tomatoes

4/5 garlic cloves

2/3 shallots



1 Tbsp of olive oil 



The Method

First, peel the onion and garlic and slice the chili peppers into two or four pieces. If you are using cherry tomatoes, you can keep them whole; otherwise, cut larger tomatoes into wedges.

Then, wash and dry the eggplant.

Next, you will need to create 4 slits in the eggplant (evenly apart, so there is one on every side of the eggplant), lengthwise along the entire eggplant. This will create ‘pockets’ in the eggplant , like in the images bellow.

Stuff the pockets with some of the garlic, onion, tomatoes, and herbs. This will help the flavours to infuse while they cook. Then drizzle the whole eggplant with a little olive oil.


Roast the stuffed eggplant in a preheated oven for around 20 minutes at 400ºF/200ºC.

Once baked, remove the eggplant from the oven and allow it to cool down enough to handle. You can then remove the skin from the eggplant.

I find it easiest to peel the skin. However, you can ‘scoop’ out the flesh with a spoon if preferred.

Finally, add all of the ingredients to a food processor, add salt & pepper and blend into the desired consistency (this can be fairly chunky or super smooth).



How to serve


You can serve with  flatbreads like roti or paratha. You can also serve it with rice or other grains like quinoa.

I like to eat it as a roasted eggplant dip with crackers or mini  toasts.

You can also use it as an eggplant spread to up the flavour in recipes. For example, within sandwiches or pita, burgers, wraps, or tortillas. 

So many ways to use and make your dish much reacher and delicious.

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